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About Teri

Teri's Talks

Eating to Stay Healthy 

  • Sisterhood of Survivors Support Group, Ocala, FL

How to Get the Most Out of Produce

  • Indigo East Ladies Luncheon - Community of Indigo East, Ocala, FL;
  • Lady Bird Club - On Top of the World, Ocala, FL;
  • Winter & Spring Semester Lecturer, Master the Possibilities Learning Center -   Ocala, FL
  • Rotary Club - Gatlinburg, TN

Write Your Bucket List Book

  • Lecturer for Master the Possibilities Learning Center - Ocala, FL
  • Gatlinburg Garden Club Fundraiser at Arrowmont, Gatlinburg, TN

The Difference Between Writing & Selling

  • Writer's Circle, On Top of the World, Ocala, FL

Making the Book,

The Joy of Growing Old with God 

  • UMCW Florida Regional Meeting - Ocala, FL 
  • Christian Bible Study Group - Sevierville, TN

Teri's Books


COPD: The Eat to Breathe Plan to Feeling Better

My Prayer Journal

Enjoy! Recipes for Fresh Produce

Simplicity of Fresh Produce


All in Due Time - A Memoir

The Joy of Growing Older with God 

An anthology

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  • 2018 Florida Writers Association Royal Palms Literary Award Judge
  • Teri has authored and edited many books. An advocate of fresh-from-the-farm cooking, she enjoys telling others why fresh food is simply sensational. 
  • Her Thyme to Eat food books help cooks get the most from produce by saving more, wasting less, and eating better. They are a "must have" for every American kitchen. 
  •  She attributes living her COPD: Eat to Breathe Plan to Feeling Better and her fabulous team of medical professionals for her ability to live a viable life while battling COPD. 
  • Her devotional books include My Prayer Journal and the anthology, The Joy of Growing Old with God.
  • Look for her new book, All in Due Time (a memoir) coming the winter of 2018-2019.

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