True story of betrayal and discovery; of hate and loving resiliency; and, finally truthful reconciliation.  Find the answer to the seventy-year-old question, "Who is he?"

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DNA: Do Not Assume

A  Three-Part Story of Discovery



The Eat to Breathe Plan to Feeling Better

"This book by a COPD patient is a very valuable wake-up call. The author covers the major issues to confront including dietary considerations. Well-detailed recipes are provided. The writing is clear and concise, Details from her own condition and when it arose and how she finally handled it are candid and very relevant. The book also includes a roster of resources and support organizations. The cover image is terrific! " 

Review by a judge for the 27th Annual 

Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

My Prayer Journal

A non-denominational daily journal to aid readers  as they talk and pray to God. 

"Led by the Holy Spirit, Teri hopes you will refer to this book as, 'your prayer journal' and that it will guide you in developing your prayer life." -Rev. Alta Chase Reaper, UMC 

Enjoy! Recipes for Fresh Produce

Features recipes for 70 fruit and vegetables. The perfect companion to the author's previous book, Simplicity of Fresh Produce. "Use them together and get the most out of your produce!"

Simplicity of Fresh Produce

Highlights 70 items of produce with easy tips, selection hints, food facts, storage suggestions, prep techniques, nutrition and health info to help home-cooks "use fruits and vegetables like the pros!"

The Joy of Growing Older with God 

An anthology OF 14 Christians approaching their latter years. "O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good; for his mercy endureth forever. 

I Ch. 16:34 (KJV)


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  • 2020, 2019 & 2018 Florida Writers Association Royal Palms Literary Award Judge
  • Teri has authored and edited many books. An advocate of fresh-from-the-farm cooking, she enjoys telling others why fresh food is simply sensational. 
  • Her Thyme to Eat food books help cooks get the most from produce by saving more, wasting less, and eating better. They are a "must have" for every American kitchen. 
  •  She attributes living her COPD: Eat to Breathe Plan to Feeling Better and her fabulous team of medical professionals for her ability to live a viable life while battling COPD. 
  • Her devotional books include My Prayer Journal and the anthology, The Joy of Growing Old with God.
  • Look for her new book, DNA: Do Not Assume The true story of discovering a family lost. now available. It is her "work of heart."

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"Couldn't put it down."  "Read through it in one sitting."  "Most intriguing." "Articulated with suspense and honesty."  "A feel good story." "What a testimony."

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